Offer 40% Faster Checkout with One-Step Checkout Magento2

If the online buyers are committed to buying a product online, the job of a retailer is to get them through the checkout process as faster as possible for enhanced experience. To do so, ask as little of them as possible. And Magento2 one-page checkout extension serves the purpose very well. Although Magento2 is the most amazing eCommerce development platform ever designed, but it comes with a default two-step checkout, making shopping process a bit time consuming.
Just consider this: the checkout process for your website = a grocery store checkout line. The online shoppers are looking for faster checkouts in order to order products easily without waiting in a line. And a Magento2 extension makes it possible for the online shoppers to enjoy faster checkout process.
One-Step Checkout for Magento2
Developed using highly advanced Magento2 coding standards, this extension reduces the default multi-step checkout process to one-step by displaying all the order placement information such as ship…

Top 3 Magento Extensions for Post-Holiday eCommerce Sales

After holiday can traditionally be a lull point for online retailers. With people done with gifting something to their friends and parents looking towards springs, online shopping stores are at a loss and wondering how to drive more sales in January and February. With buyers having no interest in grabbing those attractive offers, how do you entice them to make purchase from your store?
The Magento extensions market is quickly filling up with optimizations, enhancements, and upgrades for online retailers, aiming to help them promote their products in the most amazing way possible to make them buy. With hours of research and consultation from the e-retailers we’ve compiled a list of top three Magento modules to drive sales during the post-holiday lull.
Auto Re-order: Coming from seller’s perspective, while retaining online buyer’s perspective, we love it when we can easily place order the entire cart products that we’ve recently purchased through the online shopping website. Auto Reorder M…

Top 5 Challenges Only Online Retailers Would Know

In today’s digital marketplace, global is the new local. With the global market continue to expand, online business owners are offered great opportunities. But, it also brings some set of challenges that only an online retailer may know. Getting onboard to the eCommerce marketplace might seem like a piece of cake, allowing them to make sustainable revenue. 

 Competition is just one side of the marketplace as there are many other big challenges that online retailers face while selling on marketplace eCommerce platforms.

Less Flexibility in Moving Price

 When you’re selling something to the buyers, they’d want to get things as cheaper as they can. This is why the pricing is one of the factors that will determine your success in a marketplace. Its importance increases to a great extent when you are dealing with commodities like electronics, apparel, home decor and so on. The competition puts online retailers in a dilemma on how much discount may be given for the global buyers, since differe…

Proven Techniques That Motivate Customers To Spend More

Every online shopping business has some goals—make money with sales. However, motivating customers to part with their hard-earned money isn’t that simple, especially when the competition is higher than ever. However, there are certain techniques that have been proven to encourage customers to spend more money and visit your platform again.
Let’s take a look at the 3 simple yet impressive techniques for increasing your eCommerce revenue and sales.

Limited Time Offers
Customer procrastination is the enemy of sales.” Today, we are living in a highly competitive world and customers always looking for something amazing at a cheaper cost. They always want to wait a little longer to make the purchase. If you’re unable to make the buy the product, then you’ve got a lot of work to do to get them back to complete the checkout. Limited time discount offers are always encouraging, igniting a sense of eagerness to grab the offer before it ends. If you are running the store on Magento, then it’s poss…

Top Five Digital Marketing Trends Of The Future

Following the great number of Ecommerce website development and people buying from them to a great extent, it has initiated a new era in marketing – Digital Marketing. It’s the next generation of cold calls, trade shows, and canopies. Digital marketing, in the year 2016 has gained great traction and has successfully made its way towards success in 2017 as well. Several small, medium and large scale businesses are promoting their products and services in the international marketplace by implementing various digital marketing strategies.

With more companies flocking over the Internet, users’ preferences are likely to change in the coming years to filter the huge amount of data. Our experts have investigated the digital marketing trends and come up with the top five reliable and promising trends for successful business promotion on virtual world. Social Media It’s no secret that social media makes a great impact on the users’ buying decisions. In the coming years, the bigger enterprises a…

Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Your efforts of developing a vibrant, user-friendly, and rich-featured eCommerce store can go in vein if it’s unable to reach your target audience. Hence using the Magento Search Engine Optimization is your best bet to get the organic traffic to your website and to increase brand awareness on virtual world. If you have already hired a team of professional SEO experts, but still you are not getting right visitors, then it’s the time you look into the techniques being used for your website’s digital marketing techniques.

Thousands of online shopping websites are introduced daily making the competition tough, effective SEO campaign is required.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid:
Wrong Keywords
Keywords are the soul of digital marketing campaign. If you’re using the wrong keywords, then the whole campaign is likely to go in vein as your target audience can’t find you online. Wrong keyword selection will lead you nowhere. Make sure your digital marketing agency is using proper tec…

Top 4 Ways To Use SEO & Paid Search Together

Today, the competition in the eCommerce marketplace is higher than ever before with many leading giants already enjoying the top positions. Entering the marketplace can be tough for the newbies, but even tougher is to survive in the cut-throat competition. Using premium Magento extensions, innovative designs, attractive offers, etc., can be a solution, but there’s nothing better than using the perfect combination of Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search or PPC.

Attracting more visitors to an eCommerce business is the main concern of any online retailer and SEO and PPC are the only effective ways of doing the same frankly. While SEO is extremely low costing, it takes time to produce results and PPC may be quite costly but yields quick results. Earlier, both the processes were used separately, but the time has changed and now they have been brought together for better website rankings.
Here are some amazing tips to use PPC and SEO together for better search results.
Keyword Expansi…