Does my E-commerce Business Really Need a Magento Mobile App?

As the owner of a major ecommerce store owner, your attempts to increase sales and user engagement should be an ongoing process. You must use your resources to appeal as many target audience as possible. Having a customizable ecommerce Magento mobile app is the best way to achieve this goal in the best possible manner. Earlier in the past, businesses only focused on establishing a strong and appealing ecommerce app.

However, the needs of an ecommerce businesses have changed with time as most online researches are made via mobile devices.
There’s a number of factors making it important to have a custom build native mobile app for your ecommerce business.
Let’s explore some of them: Promote Your Brand According to experts, over 8% of people explore sites in brewers while 92% of internet users prefer using mobile apps. Hence, if your brand doesn’t have an app to represent its products, you are likely to lose ours on a major part of your business. Not just the online shopping Magento mob…

5 Ways To Instantly Increase The Traffic Of Your Magento E-Commerce Store

So, you’ve got an online shopping business and want to drive a landslide of visitors to it. If you’re like the businesses having a brick-and-mortar store on the high street you may try using the traditional marketing strategies. However, not all of them are going to work for your eCommerce business. You can try putting a ‘digital marketing’ campaign to drive volumes of traffic to your website.
How?There’s virtually the endless list of strategies available to increase eCommerce website visitors to increase sales and growth. While most of these are designed to deliver results over time; factors such as increasing competition make it more and more difficult for the webmasters to get themselves noticed on the search engines. And the constantly changing algorithms make it bit more difficult.
Why?When it comes to achieving better rankings for your eCommerce website, using trying the latest and unique techniques is essential. This is because if you keep using the same strategies, you won’t g…

Importance of Mobile Marketing for Ecommerce Business

Businesses need to adapt the marketing techniques that are customer-centric and technologically up-to-date to make pace with the changes happening around the market and to remain in the market for a long run. In the modern era where 70% of the population owns a mobile phone, mobile marketing unlocks great opportunities for the brands on a scale never before seen. Mobile-centric Magento marketing methods allow marketers to reach a larger audience in a way that is real-time and personal.
With the rise of smartphones and tablets, population of people browsing internet through mobile devices is increasing. Nearly 70% of the population access internet via their mobile devices. The number of tablets outnumber personal computers across the world.
Following the great changes taking place at the international level, marketers must adapt the mobile marketing methods to grow their ecommerce business.
Why Mobile Marketing is Important? Global ecommerce industry is growing, driven largely by increased…

Magento Reward Points Extension – A Focused Way of Driving Customer Engagement

Magento's fast height to progress as an eCommerce versatile stage is chiefly because of its profoundly adaptable and adaptable highlights. Aside from the implicit rich highlights, this eCommerce stage is good with different outsider augmentations that can be added to upgrade the working of your online business wander. There are some Magento extensions that are generally put to utilize, for example, Revenue driver modules, Customer Experience Enhancers, Layout Enhancers, Magento Reward Points, and so on that are very cutting-edge and can be effectively introduced in your administrator site.

These modules are useful for you to track orders, audit disposed of trucks, erase arranges, and send an email to catch up your clients, and so on. Likewise, these augmentations can be pre-arranged, and standards can be set for all capacities identified with your site.

The upsides of Magento eCommerce are multi-crease which, incorporates customization, extensibility, speed, multi-site usefulness…

Boost Your Sales With Magento Color Swatch Extension

Is it accurate to say that you are offering items with various hues or plans on your Magento Store? Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom will enable your clients to see how items can be taken a gander at varieties. You basically dole out any picture from an exhibition with each property and initiate picture switcher on the item detail page.

Utilized for some, item properties  Magento Color Swatch demonstrates characteristics of items utilizing swatches on configurable items. It's ready to be utilized for any characteristic kind, for example, shading, size, and thumbnail pictures.
Work with various item composes  Magento Color Swatch functions admirably with configurable ones. Swatch alternatives for items' pictures and thumbnails can be redone in the back end. The interface and backend settings are easy to use and a standard Magento UI
Different Swatch Statuses Magento Color Swatch expansion with zoom enables directors to apply numerous ascribes to a solitary item which h…

Why To Choose Recent Sales Notification Magento Extension

Need to indicate in vogue items and smash hit items to your online guests to energize them check items and buy? Sending manual Emails comprising as of late sold items and successes is truly tedious and exhausting errand for store proprietors and ends up being an irritating background for clients. To conquer this circumstance and still market and show as of late sold items, Softprodigy has thought of Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification extension. At whatever point an item is sold, online clients get notice popup showing subtle elements of client name, area, and an item he has acquired. This popup up gets shrouded consequently after some an opportunity to counteract deterring the perusing knowledge of clients.

Why choose Softprodigy Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification extension: Show useful deals warning to online site guests on general interims. Set custom notice popup content with the utilization of factors to demonstrate enlightening deals warning in the frontend. Indicate notice pop…

How To – Integrate Gifting Reminders Magento2 Functionality

We’re living in the busiest era of the human history where people often forget what day of the week it is, but forgetting your loved one’s birthday is out of the question. It can leave you in trouble as you may not want to face the turmoil of not wishing someone about the important day. This is why it’s important to come up with a system that reminds people about the special events and if you give your online shoppers the ability to get notified, then they’re likely to come to you for something new after every few days. Gifting Reminders Magento 2 Extension This is a unique extension designed by the expert Magento developers, aimed to solve the above-mentioned problem. Gifting Reminders for Magento2 Extension is capable of notifying your registered users regarding the special events like birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies, etc. Visitors can simply choose to register on your shopping store and then set reminders for the special events. This Magento2 extension sends email notificatio…